Arterial Health Screening

I am a fully trained “Turn Back Time” Consultant.  The Turn Back Time system has been endorsed by Consultant Cardiologists as a valuable screening device in the early detection of vascular disease which is the principal cause of death worldwide.  Vascular disease can result in heart attack or stroke often with no prior warning signs.

The device used for the test has been developed by a company who have supplied medical equipment around the world since 1975, using patented technology.  The test is non-invasive, simple and quick – measuring your blood pressure, arterial flexibility and BMI.  At the end of the test you are provided with a comprehensive health report detailing your test results including recommendations for supporting your arterial health to help reduce heart attack and stroke risk.  This report will include the calculation of your “Biological age” which could be older or younger than your actual age depending on the results of the test.