Food Sensitivity

Identifying intolerances/allergens and providing treatment to strengthen the system.

Headaches • Migraines • Weight Problems • Fatigue • Eczema
Psoriasis • Asthma • Hayfever • Sinusitis • Catarrh • IBS
Digestion Disorders • Insomnia • Candida • Arthritis

These and many other complaints may be due to food intolerance or allergy.

We live in an increasingly toxic environment and our immune systems have become compromised whereby we are developing these adverse symptoms as a result of allergies/intollerances. By addressing the root cause of these problems I aim to strengthen the immune system.

What to expect

The consultation will last about an hour and a half, during which time I will carry out testing using kinesiology (muscle testing), to identify your sensitivities, namely your intolerances/allergens. Rather than just supplying you with a list of foods you are intolerant to or substances you are allergic to, and expecting you to avoid them, I aim to strengthen your system whereby you are no longer allergic/intolerant to them. I will endeavour to do this by using homeopathic remedies (stimulating your own healing mechanisms) and/or using a process of de-sensitisation involving acupressure points. This does not involve the use of needles and is painless and highly effective.

Will you have to avoid some foods?

I may advise you avoid the foods you are showing an intolerance to, but only for a short time while your system strengthens. We will then work to a programme to re-introduce these foods to your diet, whereby the goal is that you will no longer be intolerant to them.

How many appointments will it take?

Everyone is individual and the length of treatment varies from person to person. Long standing complaints can take longer to treat as there may be more than one layer of toxicity to address. As a general rule you should allow for at least two follow ups consultations.

For the purposes of food allergy or food sensitivity testing a single session is sufficient to arrive at a list of food products that are causing adverse reactions in your body, should this be all that you require.