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Working in partnership with…

2013 sees the welcome to my practice of my sister Gaynor and our close friend Sharon.

Together, we are offering a partnership approach for a combined holistic wellbeing service.

Health maintenance is essential in this day and age in order to overcome recognised and unrecognised stresses both emotional and physical that constantly undermine our health and wellbeing. Often the imbalances become quite advanced before we realise we are unwell and start to express physical symptoms. Therefore it is far more preferable to stay well rather than just get well.

We believe the “uniqueness” of our service is our shared vision that holistic health care should be affordable and accessible to all and we will work as a team to provide this. We will share our findings from your treatment sessions with each other, whereby we are all up to date with your case progression, striving to achieve and maintain your wellness.

Part of our combined service is to offer specific treatment plans for infertility, stress and sleep disturbances. Please contact for further details as these will be tailored to your individual need and budget.