These testimonials do not constitute evidence but are the personal opinions of the patients I have treated.

“Tracey is an excellent Homeopath and Kinesiologist. I have gone to her for many years and she has proven to be outstanding at healing both body and mind.”

— Angela B, Berkhamsted

“I first contacted Tracey after my 2 year old son had a terrible eczema like skin condition during the summer after trying numerous creams or lotions and not wanting to use prescribed steroid creams for his face. I took him to see Tracey and after two sessions and about six weeks later his skin condition totally cleared and he has the most beautiful, soft skin now.”

— Karen H, Hemel Hempstead

“I feel very fortunate to have found Tracey to help me with my stomach complaint which I had been battling for a year. Tracey is very thorough and I enjoyed our sessions. She is very knowledgeable and it feels good taking a remedy that will not only help me but also will not harm my body. I feel better today than I have done in a long time. I have more recently sought treatment for Sinusitis and it is amazing how quickly it cleared up after taking the homeopathic remedy”.

— Sam W, Ley Hill

“Tracey is my HERO and SEPIA is my magic potion. I started having Menopausal symptoms when my periods stopped then 2/3 months later having hot flushes. I thought I could cope, but how wrong was I. Many sleepless nights later I knew something had to be done but I also knew I did not want to go on HRT. The internet is a wonderful thing and I found Tracey. The 1st consultation was about me and how my symptoms affected me on a day to day basis. Tracey was very easy to talk to and I felt comfortable answering her questions. She decided on the best course of remedy for me and after a little tweaking it worked. HOORAY, I was having no flushes and sleeping solidly every night. Homeopathy has worked for me and I know there is no going back.”

— Lina D, Hemel Hempstead

“I was keen to explore alternative treatment for my young daughter’s eczema, unhappy with the “symptom only” treatment from the Doctor. It became apparent quite quickly that the homeopathic remedies suited her and helped to soothe her discomfort in a pure and natural way. Within a few months, after dedicated care and attention from Tracey, I’m really pleased to say Lottie’s skin is much recovered and she is a happy and contented little girl who can now concentrate on her personal developments without the unpleasant distractions of infantile eczema. Thank you.”

— Claire F, Berkhamsted

These testimonials do not constitute evidence but are the personal opinions of the patients I have treated.