Consultations and Fees

Homeopathic and Kinesiology Consultations

At your first appointment  I will assess and evaluate your case fully.  This will usually take approximately one and a half hours, at the end of which I will prescribe a Homeopathic remedy(ies) and discuss your treatment plan.

This will differ if you are coming with a specific ailment where Kinesiology would be the more appropriate therapy to start with.  For example structural problems such as a frozen shoulder or digestive disorders where a food sensitivity is suspected .  I will also incorporate your homeopathic assessment and remedy prescription within such an appointment.

At your second appointment (usually 5-6 weeks later) I will assess your reaction to the first course of treatment and  if appropriate  suggest  a Kinesiology balance alongside your homeopathic treatment.   This may result in me making nutritional recommendations as well as using balancing techniques.  Combining the two therapies enables you to heal more quickly and effectively.

When treating children I generally find that homeopathic  remedies are all that is needed to stimulate and achieve the healing response.  However, I will use kinesiology techniques if working with learning difficulties.

Remember, every patient is different, each person’s experience of illness is individual to them, as is their healing . For some it takes time, others respond more quickly – there are no hard or fast rules and I will therefore tailor your treatment to best suit your needs.


My Fees
Homeopathy Adults £55 – First consultation approx 1½ hrs.
£50 – Follow up appointments approx 1 hr.
Homeopathy Children
(up to 12 years old)
£45 – First consultation approx 1hr.
Follow up appointments approx 45 mins
Family Follow Up A follow up appointment for up to 3 members of the same family usually lasts 1½  – 2 hours with a discount of 50% for the 2nd and 3rd family members
Homeopathy & Kinesiology
Combined Appointment
£65 – Consultation approx 1½ hrs.
Using Homeopathy in
Childbirth Consultation
£55 – Consultation approx 1 hr. Includes comprehensive notes.
Food Sensitivity, Allergy
Testing, Desensitisation
Arterial Health Screening £30
Indian Head Massage £25 – 1 hour treatment
Reflexology £35 – First treatment approx 1 ½ hrs
£30 – Follow up treatments approx 1 hr
£25- For clients receiving homeopathy and /or kinesiology

All major credit and debit cards accepted.

NB: If you have private medical insurance your cover may well include homeopathic treatment.

Whilst I do not charge cancellation fees, I request that as much notice as possible is given if it is necessary to cancel your appointment as I run a busy waiting list and will be able to fill the appointment if given enough notice.